About us

With over 40 years experience in manufacturing, KMC adopts the state-of-the art technology. However, we always know what is most important: the people behind the company. Actively involved in cycling we always look to make the best possible products, which results in very interesting innovations and tremendous product improvements.

We thank you for your interest in our products, and invite you to try KMC - we will not let you down!

Why KMC?

Steve Cummings TdFstageCompatibility
KMC derailleur chains are 100% compatible with all major systems. We do not distinguish between disciplines; our chains are suitable for both road and off-road. The way that KMC chains are categorized is logical: for example any product from the X11 series will fit any 11-speed derailleur system and every possible use.

Easy assembly
Nearly every KMC chain is supplied with a connecting link. Assembly of the chain is fast, secure, uncomplicated and convenient. In order to shorten the chain to the required length, simply use a chain tool. To assemble or  disassemble the MissingLink, KMC recommends the use of the Connecting- and Opening tools.

From many field tests, we can conclude that the KMC chains last longer than their equivalents offered by other brands. Our unique satisfaction warranty on many of our products is a proof of our confidence.

Proud Sponsor
We support many teams in many bike disciplines: in mountain biking, KMC supports young talents like Team Haibike KMC, and Olympic medal winners such as Sabine Spitz (team Sabine Spitz) and Julie Bresset (team BH-SR Suntour-KMC). In road racing; KMC supports Pro teams such as Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka and Caja Rural-Seguros RGA.
Sponsorship is a crucial part to KMC’s on-going success. The combination of testing products in the most demanding races and research and developments input from some of the world’s best riders leads to constant improvement and innovation.

TeamDimensionDataForQhubeka CAJA RURAL TEAMBHSK REC 2014 Team Heizomat Gunsha HaibikeKMCteam KMC KOGA MITSUBISH

WeSupport OxfmNovibKMC are constantly striving to manufacture the best possible quality products with minimal environmental impact. On top of meeting European standards, KMC is the first and only chain manufacturer to measure their carbon footprint. In order to reduce emissions, energy intensive processes constantly undergo optimization. Also more obvious steps are taken like solar panels at our factories reduce, or even neutralize electricity consumption from our European operation.

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