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Tools and Maintenance

MissLink Pliers


MissingLink connector tool
Specially shaped to prevent damaging the chain when closing the MissingLink. 

MissingLink removing tool
Specially shaped to prevent damaging the chain when opening the MissingLink.
Chain De Rivetter

Chain De-Rivetter

KMC's Chain De-Rivetter is the perfect tool for cutting your new chain to its required length.
For single speed to 11-Speed chains
ChainChecker digi

Digital Chain Checker

KMC’s Digital Chain Checker is the perfect tool to measure your chain exactly.
chainchecker regular

Regular Chain Checker

By using regularly, this Chain Checker quickly gives you information about your chain’s condition.

Chain Emergency Kit

A KMC MissingLink connector should be present in each tool bag. In case of a defective chain, it can be repaired easily. Therefore we now have a exclusive Chain Emergency kit. This kit includes MissingLinks for 9- 10- and 11 speed chains can save you or your friend a long walk.

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