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Avoid extreme shifting positions!


How to minimize chain wear

There are different treatments, which affect the chain’s life in different ways. In general you may expect a much better performance if you use one of our Double X durabilty Hi-performance (X and X-SL) products.

Frequently people ask us: “how many kilometres can I expect out of a chain?”  Well, our road test results (over 350 different riders) produced a wide range of chain life which varied from 1000 km (heavy duty MTB) to 17.000 km (Road Racing). This certainly does not mean that the MTB rider was not satisfied with this result, in fact his comment was: “compared to my previous chain it lasted 200 km longer”

That is why it is very difficult to answer this question, because chain wear depends on the:

Prevent unnecessary chain wear

We can give you the following tips, in order to obtain the maximum mileage from your drive-train, irrespective of the type of chain:

Some people use 2 or 3 chains and change them every week (or every 500-700 km). According to them this reduces wear, particularly of more expensive cassette and chainrings. It makes sense.


To check the chain’s elongation

The easiest way to check if your chain has worn down is when you feel the chain has lost its smooth running and agile shifting function.

A rough way of checking:

If this is the case, chainrings and cassette sprockets may well also be affected!

KMC has developed a special digital chain wear indicator,  the  ‘Digital Chain Checker’.  This tool allows you to exactly measure the chain’s elongation, changing the chain on time (not too early and not too late) prevents excess wear on other drive-train parts, so you can prevent  unnecessary high repair costs.
There are also other effective mechanical tools on the market which can help you determine whether your chain needs to be changed or not.

In general KMC recommends checks at the following intervals:

Note: The chain life varies; it depends on the product you use, the circumstances you ride under and the maintenance you adopt.



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