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A chain is a chain, they’re not so different

We hope, after visting our website, you have become aware of many different applications, treatments and qualities in a seemingly simple product called 'chain'.

This ‘simple’ chain is probably the most important part of your drive train, when it functions well, you are not aware of it’s existence, but when there is something wrong, you will either be annoyed with it’s noise, or even worse: standing next to your bike with a broken chain.



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On these page we would like to give you some tips for maintenance and usage, most of which we follow ourselves. We hope that by using this information you will be able to prolong the chain’s life and improve it’s performance.

When to maintain you chain?

Maintenance depends very much on the conditions you ride in, obviously wet and muddy conditions prompt a more intensive schedule than dry and asphalt conditions.

Indicators to watch out for:

At all events, for road use: inspect your chain at least once every month or every  250 kilometres
(150 miles) for off road use: at least once every 100 kilometres (60 miles).



dry cloth
Use a piece of dry cloth






Lubricate into the chain's bearing
Lubricate with an aerosol




Cleaning inner bearing ends


Before re-connecting your chain, do not forget to clean the chain’s ends inner bearings of chain ends, to make sure no dirt remains there. After cleaning, and before applying the connecting link, apply some grease inside and on the connector’s pins.


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