KMC redefines the chain drive

Guaranteed mileage over 10 thousand kilometres!

Introducing this solution for internal gear hub equipped (e-)bikes, drive train wear is minimised by using clever solutions to carefully match chain, chain wheel and sprocket, KMC’s e101 EPT chain in combination with KMC’s 3mm wide chain ring/sprockets ensure a mileage over 10,000km – guaranteed!*
Available for bikes equipped with Rohloff, Shimano and Enviolo internal gear hubs in combination with Bosch Generation II**
10000 e101
  • Maximum Durability
  • High Efficiency
  • Increased battery life
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Rust
  • Easy Upgrade

KMC Chain   Art. Nr.
e101 EPT   BE101EP12
KMC Sprocket Teeth Art. Nr.
Bosch 18 BSFB5818
Bosch 19 BSFB5819
Bosch 20 BSFB5820
Bosch 21 BSFB5821
Enviolo 20 BSRN5820
Shimano 18 BSRS5818
Shimano 19 BSRS5820
Shimano 20 BSRS5820
Rohloff 15 BSRR00315
Rohloff 16 BSRR00316
Rohloff 17 BSRR00317
Rohloff 18 BSRR00318
Rohloff 19 BSRR00319
Rohloff 20 BSRR00320
Rohloff 21 BSRR00321
KMC Chain ring Teeth Art. Nr.
BCD104 38 BFCR00338
BCD104 42 BFCR00342

*) The drive train must be cleaned and lubricated from time to time. We recommend professional service at your dealer every 2000 Km.
**) Bosch sprocket compatible with Bosch Active Line 2014-2017 and Performance CX 2014-2018. Shimano sprocket for Shimano Nexus and Alfine. Enviolo sprockets for all Enviolo hubs from 2017.

KMC e101 EPT for maximum mileage
The e101 EPT has been developed especially for extreme loads and the most efficient power transmission. Thanks to the bushing construction, we can guarantee maximum durability.

The combination of the e101 EPT chain and our wide Hi-End sprockets results in an e-bike that is unsurpassed in terms of efficiency and durability.

composing 10000 770

3,500km small
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