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Why is it worth it? We always keep pace with market developments or are often ahead of the competition. For example, we invested a large part of our energy in the e-bike sector at an early stage in order to meet the increased requirements for durability and safety standards. In this way we have developed from a chain specialist to a drive expert and produce not only bicycle chains but also a continuously growing range of sprockets and chainrings.

Our motto „Link to Perfection“ always has something to do with the people we work with. Our last measure therefore is only logical: We established the channel „Chainology“ at the knowledge platform Myagi. Here we offer dealers and product developers direct access to our drivetrain know-how. Video tutorials, data sheets and product information help you to build up or deepen your knowledge of this topic and thus strengthen your customer relationship through sound advisory skills.

You want to be part of the KMC network? Just let us know!

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