Based on more than 40 years of experience KMC is the world’s largest chain manufacturer. We, the people behind the brand, have a clear focus: The best possible product for your demand. Our chains feature 100% functionality, easy handling and maximum durability. Constant innovations underline our claim to be a true market leader in chain technology.

Producing chains is a complex process, however KMC’s aim is very simple, we produce bicycle chains: For any system, For any bike, For any purpose.


Extremely Durable

The many field tests we have conducted, clearly show that KMC chains last much longer than comparable chains from other brands. We support this statement with our unique satisfaction guarantee Durability Warranty, proving the trust we put in our products.

Extremely durable

Complete product range

From trekking bike to road bike, derailleur shifting systems are the classic when it comes to sporty rides. As the developments in the market continue, we too keep developing. The innovative surface treatment of titanium nitride for example: this extremely smooth and hard surface reduces friction and ensures smooth shifting. We also offer a wide range of Single Speed chains compatible with all Single Speed or hub gear systems. They are extremely robust and available with different product characteristics.
Not to forget our e-bike range. We are the first chain supplier offering specific chains for e-Bikes with mid motors. Our analysis of power transmission on e-Bikes with mid-motors showed that conventional chains are not up to these extreme forces. Our revolutionary riveting technology sets a new standard in e-Bike chains for derailleur systems. The e-Series KMC chains offer unsurpassed durability for derailleur- and hub gear systems.

compete product range

Unique Guarantee

At KMC product quality is our foremost priority. The many field tests we have conducted clearly show that KMC chains last much longer than comparable chains from competing brands. Our unique satisfaction warranty, which applies to many of our products, proves the trust we put in them. This durability treatment includes all DLC, e-Bike, XSL, XEL and X101 chains, but of course also our tools, chainrings and sprockets.

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Light Weight

We have the outstanding characteristics of the X-Series united in the SL variant with weight optimization. Slotted inner and outer plates and hollow pins are our way to reduce the weight of the chain to the maximum, without compromising the smoothness and durability.

Light weight

Smooth Shifting Performance

The Double X-Bridge technology and the precisely developed chamfer design on the inner- and outer plates are specially shaped to improve shifting and to ensure smoother and more silent running of the chain. 

Smooth shifting performance


Unlike other bicycle chain brands, we do not have an indicated mounting direction of the chain. Our chains can be mounted without any problem in any direction.

Non directional

Easy to use

Almost all boxed KMC chains come with a MissingLink. The installation is very simple, and a secure lock always guaranteed. With a standard chain de-riveter, each chain can be shortened to the correct length. For closing and opening the MissingLink we recommend our pliers.

Easy to use