Assembly instructions
MissingLink Re-Usable

01 fit, clean and 02 lubricate pin 1. Fit chain with the correct length, clean bearing and lubricate.
02 lubricate pin 2. Do Not forget to lubricate the pin.
03 insert both halves 3. Insert both halves of the
MissingLink into the chain ends.
04 press both halves 4. Press both halves of the MissingLink connector together.
05 lock in place 5. Lock in place by pulling the chain apart.
06 opening 6. Opening: press both plates together while sliding the chain ends towards each other.

When you replace your chain, always use the new MissingLink which comes with your new chain.

Failure to follow these instructions can lead to breakage of the chain and therefore (injury) damage.

chain length

Mount on smallest sprocket and smallest ring: the chain should to run as close as possible to - but just free of - the derailleur pulley.

correct chain length
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