Assembly instructions
MissingLink Non Re-Usable

1 fit chain 1. Fit chain with the correct length, clean bearing and lubricate.
2 not forget lubricate 2. Do Not forget to lubricate the pin.
3 insert both halves 3. Insert both halves of the
MissingLink into the chain ends.
4 bring chain end together 4. Bring chain end together.
5 press both halves 5. Press both halves of the MissingLink connector together.
6 ml connector plier 6. Use ‘MissingLink Connector’ plier to lock link plates into place.
7 press ml connector plier 7. Press plier till you hear ‘click’.

Open Missing Link
open 1 1. Press with fingers on both outer plates of the MissingLink at the same time and use ‘MissingLink Remover’ plier to open.
open 2 remove both ends 2. Remove both ends of MissingLink.

If you disassemble the missing link, for example for chain maintenance, KMC strongly advise you to use a new MissingLink connector for re-assembly.
The locking mechanism will be damaged after opening and re-use of the missing link connector significantly increases the possibility of the link failing. Therefore KMC strongly recommend ALWAYS using a new MissingLink connector when re-assembling your chain.

Failure to follow these instructions can lead to breakage of the chain and therefore (injury) damage.

chain length

Mount on smallest sprocket and smallest ring: the chain should to run as close as possible to - but just free of - the derailleur pulley.

correct chain length
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