We receive complaints again and again about products that at first glance look like KMC, but after examination turn out to be inferior fakes. We are aware of this problem, but it is almost impossible for us to uncover all these sources and take action against the manufacturers.

Our high end products – mainly KMC X-series – are currently affectedand are regularly offered on the major online sales platforms. The counterfeits can be recognized by the features documented by us on the products and packaging.
It is difficult for product pirates to copy our high-quality and elaborately manufactured chains true to the original and of equal value. However, it is easy to copy a package and put it online and sell it. If then a counterfeit product arrives at your place, which does not do its job properly, this is annoying on the one hand, but on the other hand the possible damage caused to other components can be considerable.

Therefore our urgent recommendation to you: buy only from good specialist dealers or from trustworthy online sources.

This helps all honest traders online and offline. And it helps us, because we don‘t waste our manpower in the fight against product piracy, but can put all our energy into the further and new development of high-quality products.

KMC products: For any system. For any bike. For any purpose.

KMC fake alert spread