The Big Journey: Denis and Tanja Katzer

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A journey of 40 years, the longest travel ever documented in human history, that is the plan. Denis Katzer and his wife Tanja, adventurers, photographers, film producers, and authors in one, have already spend the past 30 to their lifetime project “The BigJourney”.
They have traveled over 432,000 kilometers by land and sea around our mother earth, by foot, on camelback, on horseback, by elephant, on motorbike, by bike and e-bike and of course other local commuting means. Up until now they have seen 91 countries, have travels 10 times around the earth, equal to 1-time distance to the moon.

7,000 kilometers by foot and with their own camels through the Australian continent, a 1,000 kilometers long walk through the desert of death (Taklamakan) in western China, they were the first Europeans to do 1,500 kilometers with camels through Pakistan, 15,000 kilometers by bike from Germany to Mongolia, to spend the wintering with last reindeer nomads in northern Mongolia in tipis at minus 50 °, 17,000 km by e-bike from Siberia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, these are just a few of their numerous expeditions.

“The aim of “The Big Journey” is to be Mother Earth’s ambassador by documenting our expeditions. We want to form a counterpoint to a world that is going ever faster every day. As ambassadors for Mother Earth, we build bridges of understanding between cultures, religions and different points of view of the peoples. We are the eyes and ears for people who, for whatever reason, have no chance to visit other countries and their inhabitants. We draw attention to the fact that our planet is alive and not dead matter. That our earth is worth protecting, so that life remains worth living for future generations and that our children will still see trees and hear birds chirping.”  Denis and Tanja Katzer and Ajaci.

Denis Katzer

Denis Katzer

Before the great journey:

Served in the armed forces, worked as sales director and had skilled himself as author, photographer, and film producer.

Tanja Katzer

Tanja Katzer

Besides the great journey:

Tanja worked as travel agent, works as international model and loves to paint.



The hero and saviour of the journey.