Now also 12-speed for fast rides.

KMC chainrings:

The power to hit the road.

KMC was the first chain manufacturer to develop special chains for e-bikes with mid-mounted motors. Our analysis of the power transmission on e-bikes with a mid-motor showed that the frequent shifting operations under load require significantly higher safety reserves that cannot be realised with classic chains. The critical part is the connecting pin, which is exposed to the most extreme forces during shifting. Our riveting technology sets standards – the chains of the KMC e-series for derailleur and hub gears are extremely resilient and enable an unsurpassed service life. Better performance is offered by coordinated drive components – that's why we have expanded our product range to include sprockets and chainrings/drive sprockets. With our 10,000km+ label, we enable mileages of over 10,000 kilometres for our products for leading drive manufacturers.

KMC sprocket:

Your chain will love it.

Hub gear chains:

Safety buffer for all systems.


Lasts. And Lasts.
And Lasts.

Chain change made easy:

KMC „MissingLink“ chain connector.