Now also 12-speed for fast rides.

KMC chainrings:

The power to hit the road.

Sporty e-bikes are the trend and derailleur gears are the first choice for this segment. The fundamentally high mechanical load of a derailleur chain in combination with the extreme forces of modern e-bike drives required new approaches in design. By developing a new riveting technology with a greatly increased retention force of the pins, KMC chains of the e-series are able to meet the new requirements. And with the e12 for 12-speed derailleurs, we are also setting new standards in this segment.

KMC sprocket:

Your chain will love it.

Hub gear chains:

Safety buffer for all systems.


Lasts. And Lasts.
And Lasts.

Chain change made easy:

KMC „MissingLink“ chain connector.