e-Bike Single Speed

Proven on millions of bicycles, hub gears have also become the comfort standard on e-bikes. Low maintenance and reliability are a perfect match for the new e-mobility. Our hub gearshift chains for e-bikes take into account the high driving forces and, thanks to the latest riveting technology, have the necessary safety reserves for all types of use. With the development of our own KMC sprockets and chainrings we have significantly increased the durability of the drive components: a mileage of at least 10,000 kilometres is guaranteed by the combination of matching components (label 10,000km+).


Despite their robustness, hub chains are also exposed to weather conditions. Today, high-quality materials and coatings enable a long service life with regular chain maintenance. The chain should therefore be checked regularly and the elongation should be measured with a chain gauge. For experienced home mechanics, chain replacement is easy thanks to our connector „MissingLink“ and our tools.