Derailleur Chains

From trekking bikes to racing bikes, derailleur gears are the classic choice for sporty riding. While 10-speed derailleurs were the standard not too long ago, manufacturers have now introduced 13-speed derailleurs, offering riders more gear options. However, this also places higher demands on construction and materials. As dedicated specialists, we always possess the necessary expertise to conquer the challenges of the market. Our products consistently combine the most precise production technology, innovative surface treatment, and state-of-the-art riveting technology. Tested by top athletes both on and off the road, and used in races under the most demanding conditions, KMC chains guarantee maximum driving pleasure.


Derailleur gears are expected to withstand external weather conditions and hard, continuous stress, while transmitting the rider's shifting impulses smoothly and quietly. Today, high-quality materials, coatings, and constructive fine-tuning (e.g., x-Bridge) of the chain links enable a long service life with regular chain maintenance. However, the chain should be checked regularly, and chain elongation should be measured with a chain gauge. The wear of the chain is highly dependent on the type of application and the shifting behavior of the rider. Worn chains can also accelerate the wear of other, usually much more expensive, drive components.