100% isn’t Good Enough.

eCargo1 – the heavy-duty chain for the highest demands. With a tensile strength of 1,350 Nm, the eCargo1 is 150 % of the required standard. Thus, the chain defies the enormous forces that act on the drive train of a cargo bike due to high engine torques and heavy loads. Combined with the constructively matched KMC sprockets and chainrings, this is the perfect solution for tough everyday use - even on non-motorised cargo bikes.

KMC Chain eCargo1

The eCargo1 chain owes its special strength to the 15 % wider and 20 % thicker plates, which are equipped with a special anti-drop design. In combination with the extra-strong bolts, the eCargo1 achieves a minimum tensile strength of 1,350 Nm, which is 50 % above the required standard.

In the design, KMC reverted to the elaborate roller chain construction. The chain sleeve is encased in an additional roller, which is located between the inner plates. This doubling shields the moving parts from dirt and provides lateral stability. Roller chains run with very low friction and are not very susceptible to wear.

KMC‘s non-toxic, environmentally friendly EcoProTeQ technology EPT protects the eCargo1 from corrosion for twice as long (first signs of rust only appear after 650 hours of salt spray testing) as conventional rust protection. Each component of each chain link is treated separately with EPT. This means complete protection that offers the lowest possible attack by water, salt and humidity. Another feature of EPT: the very smooth surface gives the chains excellent running properties. Dirt deposits are minimised in the long term, which significantly reduces the burden on chain maintenance.

The eCargo1 is part of KMC‘s 10,000km+ programme. In combination with a wide KMC sprocket and chainring, KMC guarantees a mileage of at least 10,000 kilometres.

The eCargo1 is compatible with all hub gears or direct drives with chainrings and sprockets 1/2“ x 1/8“ (3 mm).

The chain is currently only available on reels for specialist dealers. Please contact a workshop you trust if you wish to convert to the eCargo 1 heavy-duty chain.