The Surface Makes the Difference

In addition to the raw materials used and their precise processing, it is our high-quality coatings that ensure our chains have excellent shifting properties, reliable corrosion protection, and an exceptionally long service life.


The latest milestone for KMC in rust protection, our non-toxic EcoProTeQ treatment, doubles the rust resistance compared to KMC's RB anti-rust treatment. The benefits of this very smooth coating include maximum rust resistance and minimal noise.
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The primary feature of the DLC coating (Diamond-Like Coating) is its extraordinary surface hardness, leading to a reduction in wear due to abrasion. The attributes of our high-end series include exceptional longevity, superior shifting performance, and a consistently attractive appearance for DLC 10 to 12-speed chains.
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TiN Gold

Titanium nitride is a chemical compound composed of the elements titanium and nitrogen. This ceramic material, typically golden yellow in color, is known for its exceptional hardness and corrosion resistance. KMC's special Titanium Nitride coating not only has an attractive appearance but also features an ultra-smooth surface and exceptional durability.


Stays black permanently. KMC BlackTech is not a mere coating; it's a surface treatment that integrates the color into the material. The process involves two steps: first, each individual chain component is treated, and then the procedure is repeated with the assembled elements. As a result, the chain maintains its deep black color permanently and exhibits exceptional rust resistance.

Nickel plated

Nickel is an alloying metal primarily used for refining steel. It imparts corrosion resistance, enhances hardness and toughness, and proves highly effective as rust protection.