Upgrade Your Ride With KMC GO WAX

Experience the next level of chain performance with our new, advanced dry wax formula. Designed to significantly reduce friction, enhance shifting and providing optimum efficiency, KMC GO WAX extends the life of your drivetrain by creating a durable microfilm on your chain that repels water and resists stickiness.

For a cleaner, faster, and longer-lasting performance.

  • DURABILITY: Once applied, the wax dries to form a protective barrier that outlasts oil-based products.
  • CLEANER PERFORMANCE: Our waxed chains attract less dirt, minimizing the common causes of wear and ensuring smoother operation.
  • MAINTENANCE MADE SIMPLE: With minimal dirt accumulation, your drivetrain requires less frequent care. Refreshing the wax is straightforward—simply use a dry brush or cloth. No degreasing necessary, on a simple touch up with KMC GO WAX.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: KMC GO WAX is biodegradable and free from PFSA and harsh solvents, making it a responsible choice for both your bike and the environment.

Good for your ride, great for the planet

We’re pioneering the shift with our line of premium chains and setting the stage for a future where our entire chain range is free from mineral oil-based lubricants. With the production of approximately 5 million chains per year in the X- and e-Series alone, we will soon save estimated 20,000 kilograms of mineral oil-based lubricants per year.

This change marks just the beginning. Consider the vast amounts of oil traditionally used in chain maintenance and its impact on our environment. Our wax-based solution not only enhances drivetrain performance but also significantly reduces the environmental footprint of our products, preventing harmful chemicals from leaching into our ecosystems.

The KMC GO CHAIN WAX products

11- and 12-speed | SEE DETAILS >

11- and 12-speed | see details >

11-speed | see details >

11-speed | see details >


11- and 12-speed | see details >


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The easy way.

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Riders who no longer want to do it without.

Frederik Funk

Vice World Champion 2023, Ironman 70.3

“In triathlons, every second counts. KMC GO WAX enhances my bike’s performance, giving me the edge I need.”

Jordi Bago

MTB Pro Rider

“KMC’s waxed chains provide the durability and reliability needed for intense downhill rides. They handle extreme conditions exceptionally well.”

Piotr Havik

Classified Ridley Gravel FactoryTeam

“Using KMC’s waxed chains has dramatically improved my ride quality. The efficiency and clean performance are unmatched.”