Derailleur Chains for E-Bikes

From trekking bikes to racing bikes, derailleurs are the classic when it comes to sporty riding. While 10-speed derailleurs were the measure of all things a few years ago, manufacturers have now arrived at 13-speed derailleurs. This means more gear ratios for the rider, but also significantly higher demands on construction and material. This is especially true for use on e-bikes, where the forces exerted by the motors are greatly increased. Apart from the e-series and the DLC12, which we designed especially for e-bikes, all chains listed here have been extensively tested and their suitability for use on e-bikes confirmed.


Derailleur gears are expected to withstand external weather conditions and hard continuous stress and transmit the rider‘s shifting impulses smoothly and quietly. Today, high-quality materials and coatings as well as constructive fine-tuning (e.g. x-Bridge) of the chain links enable a long service life with regular chain maintenance. However, the chain should be checked regularly and the chain longation checked with a chain gauge. The wear of the chain is highly dependent on the type of application and the shifting behaviour of the driver. Worn chains also accelerate the wear of the other – usually much more expensive – drive components.

Chains for derailleur systems are subject to special requirements due to the design of these systems. To prevent increased wear and to maintain good shifting performance, the chain should be cleaned and maintained regularly.