#Lime has the lead

Enthusiastic about new experiences in mountain biking, the collaboration with the KMC Team, and the results achieved together, Ridley has decided to intensify its partnership with the KMC Team. Ridley will become the second name sponsor of the KMC MTB Racing Team in 2024 and 2025. Christ Bakker, Managing Director of KMC Europe, and Team Manager Bart Brentjens welcome this more intensive collaboration with Ridley.

This partnership signifies that the Team can expand towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. KMC, Ridley, and Bart Brentjens MTB Sports are working together with a long-term plan focused on the Olympic Games of Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028. 

Team 2024

Sasha Hudyma
Ukraine, Men U23

Yana Belomoina
Ukraine, Elite Women

Martins Blums
Latvia, Elite Men

Lotte Koopmans
The Netherlands, Elite Women

Rens Teunissen van Manen
The Netherlands, Men U23

Gunnar Holmgren
Canada, Elite Men

Freek Bouten
The Netherlands, Men U23