Our Harshest Critics.

Sponsorship is an essential part of KMC’s success. Because our research and development lives from exchange. The testing of products by some of the world’s best riders in the most demanding races in all disciplines leads to constant improvement and new ideas for products and services.

Hannes Slavik


"I started riding BMX in my younger years and now I compete in many different disciplines: BMX Races, MTB 4X, Dual Slalom, Urban DH Races, Enduro and always working on Photo- and Video projects. Next to my own races I am also Austrian BMX National Coach supporting young guns out there."

Frederic Funk


"I'd rather stand on the podium five times in Kona and people like me than win once and nobody likes me."

Vojtěch Bláha


"Hi there! My name is Vojtěch Bláha and I love to ride bikes. I am also studying physical training and English when I'm not out riding my bike. I ride all kinds of bikes but my passion is technical riding on my enduro bike. Cheers!"

Jeroen van Eck

Eliminator XCE / e-MTB

Jeroen van Eck, born in 1993, has achieved significant success in the eliminator discipline. In 2018 and 2021, he secured the World Cup Overall victory, showcasing his consistency and skill in the sport. Additionally, he holds the title of a double European Champion in eliminator.

In the emerging field of E-MTB (Electric Mountain Biking), Jeroen van Eck has made history. He became the first Dutch Champion in E-MTB, emphasizing his adaptability to different disciplines within the sport. Furthermore, he claimed victory as the winner of the 2021 World Cup E-MTB, marking another milestone in his career.

Jordi Bago

MountainBike Pro Rider 

Tanja & Denis Katzer

World travellers by bike

A journey of 50 years, the longest travel ever documented in human history, that is the plan. Denis Katzer and his wife Tanja, adventurers, photographers, film producers, and authors in one, have already spend the past 30 to their lifetime project “The BigJourney”.