It's oiled.

The chain, a product that only seems simple, consists of around 650 individual pieces and is one of the most important parts of your bike. We don‘t notice a well-functioning chain, if the chain works badly we are annoyed by poor shifting performance and running noise. Take our proven care tips to heart and you will enjoy smooth running, a long service life and an untroubled riding experience.

When must the chain be maintained?

That depends very much on the use and the external conditions. Off-road use in wet conditions naturally requires much shorter maintenance intervals than road use in dry conditions. Optimal: Clean your chain after every ride, especially after riding in wet conditions.

Recommended care intervals:
Road bike: Ideally after every ride, at the latest after 250 km or at least once a month. 
MTB, cross and frequent riders in all weather conditions: After 100 km at the latest.

When is maintenance urgently necessary?

  • clear running noises
  • poor switching function
  • chain clamps on the small or medium blade
  • noise generation in the entire drive train

Care for oil-treated chains

  • Clean the chain with a dry cloth.
  • Important: also clean the sprockets, chainrings and shifting rollers.
  • To remove dirt or sand, use a brush.
  • If the chain is very dirty, lukewarm water with detergent or a cloth soaked in thin oil will help.

When you remove the chain for cleaning: Also clean the ends of the chain and the „MissingLink“ locking link.


  • Never use acidic or alkaline cleaners (rust remover). These will damage the chain and in extreme cases can lead to breakage.
  • Never use aggressive degreasers – these will loosen the factory applied grease from the pins. This allows dirt to penetrate and drastically reduces the service life of your chain! Furthermore, these agents are harmful to the environment.
  • Chain cleaners also often contain solvents that can damage your chain.

Also use the cleaning interval for inspection and check the chain.

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