Hub Gear Chains

Proven on millions of bicycles worldwide, hub gears are the quintessence of bicycle comfort and reliability. Since the chain is exposed to fewer mechanical forces compared to derailleur gears, the general wear and tear of the drive components is also significantly reduced. However, this fundamental advantage does not deter us from continuing our development work in this segment as well. The surface treatment EPT, for example, is a real milestone in corrosion protection and reduces susceptibility to rust many times over. In our assortment, you will find all-around chains as well as special chains for BMX or track cycles.


Despite their robustness, hub chains are also exposed to weather conditions. Today, high-quality materials and coatings enable a long service life with regular chain maintenance. Therefore, the chain should be checked regularly, and its elongation should be measured with a chain gauge. For experienced home mechanics, chain replacement is made easy thanks to our connector 'MissingLink' and our tools.