Ready to Ride?

Unboxing a KMC chain is a nice doing as you know, soon you will hold a decent product in your hands. But even for a new chain some advises should be followed before mounting to give you the real riding pleasure.

Oiled Chains

A new chain usually feels sticky at first. These are residues of the high-performance grease used during assembly. Remove this grease with a thin-bodied oil or cleaner (no aggressive grease solvents!), lightly oil the rollers and remove excess oil with a cloth. After that you're ready to roll.

We recommend never to degrease the chain completely.

Waxed Chains

Take it out of the box, mount it, ride. That's it!

But if you use a waxed chain for the first time don't forget to clean and degrease the other drivetrain components carefully.