Even Chains Need Affection!

Check your chain regularly, because a worn chain has a negative effect on the entire drive. The shifting function is limited and the chain can break if it is extremely worn. Replace the chain in time and thereby significantly reduce wear on chainrings and sprockets. In this way, you avoid high costs that can result from damage to the other drive components.

Technical inspection

We are often asked, "How long does a chain last?". Even we cannot make a generally valid statement here. According to our experience there is a range of 700 km in extreme e-MTB use up to 17.000 km on the road.

The chain wear depends especially on the following parameters:

  • Individual shifting behaviour (frequency, chain line, shifting under load)
  • External conditions (wetness, dirt, sand, salt)
  • Maintenance and care
  • Interaction of all drive components
  • Intensity of motor support for e-bikes with mid-motor

We recommend to check the chain at the following intervals:

  • Road use in predominantly dry conditions: 500 km
  • Off-road use and frequent drivers in everyday use in even poor conditions: 150 km

Check the chain for:

  • Damages
  • Corrosion
  • Elongation
  • Hard to move chain links

Elongation test without tool:
Place the chain on the large chainring and try to lift the chain in the middle of the blade. If you can lift it more than half a chain link, you should measure with a chain gauge or visit your dealer.

Elongation test with tool:
KMC offers two different wear gauges: The manual one, which tells you quickly and easily whether the chain is still in good condition. With the Digital Chain Checker you can measure precisely the elongation of the chain (hundredth of a millimetre). Check out our tools >

For the best possible function and service life of your entire drive, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Follow the maintenance and care tips.
  • Make sure the chainline is good – the smallest sprocket should never be combined with the smallest chainring (and vice versa).
    This diagonal chain line will lead to high wear on all drive components.
  • Ride with foresight and shift gears in time. Shifting under extreme load can damage the chain.
  • Shift to a low gear before stopping.

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